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The 8 Best VPN Service Providers of 2020.
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Don't' use VPN services. GitHub.
BUT for that to occur you must represent a pretty huge threat to them! BUT if you are that type of threat you wont be using VPNs or Tor, at least not in any set way, with any set equipment, in any set locations, and far away from any video surveillance cameras." There are a few VPN services, like Proton VPN, located in a privacy protected country, Switzerland, that do not log. Using such a VPN or two to hide your IP identity along with an anonymous/encrypted email service like Proton Mail or tutanota will protect your identity, say in case you wish to stay untraceable if you write a politically incorrect letter to news publication like The Guardian or the New York Times, or the Washington Post, etc, and you do not want some woke editor or IT guy there tracing your IP and then calling their friend at your IP provider and the next thing you know you are identified and you are being fried alive on Twitter or Facebook, etc. In that case a VPN can live up to its expectations.
Virtual private network - Wikipedia.
In the context of site-to-site configurations, the terms intranet and extranet are used to describe two different use cases. 5 An intranet site-to-site VPN describes a configuration where the sites connected by the VPN belong to the same organization, whereas an extranet site-to-site VPN joins sites belonging to multiple organizations.

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